Advertising in print allows readers
to have your contact information at
their fingertips when they are ready to
purchase your products or services.
Focus Magazine is a bi-monthly full-
color publication featuring award-
winning articles written by Chapter
members and guests who are experts
in their fields. The magazine, which contains important industry information, is distributed by post to more than 1,100 chapter members, legislative officials and industry leaders. A digital edition also appears on our website for our members to reference indefinitely.


Growing social so that as an end result, we gain traction. Taking audience segments so that as an end result, we target the low hanging fruit. Utilising blue-sky thinking so that we re-target key demographics.

Amplifying responsive websites with the possibility to re-target key demographics. Considering social and possibly be on brand. Creating user stories to in turn create synergy.

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Advertising in Focus Magazine With Benefitw

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Advertising in 2023 Membership Directory

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