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Introducing the Quick Check System

for CAI-GLAC Event Check-in


We are excited to introduce a new system called QUICK CHECK that we have developed which allows you to check in effortlessly at our events.


Please take a few moments to read the details below and familiarize yourself with the System.


*If you already signed up online for an event and not printed your confirmation, please go to Step 4 under HOW IT WORKS below and reprint your confirmation. It will show the bar code.


QUICK CHECK  is for those who register online.

 It is based on a bar code system.



1.    Each member and guest is automatically assigned a bar code when they set up their profile and register online for the first time. This bar code is unique to your name. It stays the same for every event.


2.    Each time that you register online and receive a confirmation, your bar code will appear on the confirmation page.


3.    Please print the confirmation page and bring it with you to the event.


4.    If you forget to print the page at that moment, you can print it again by going to:


a.    Members Only.

b.    Open Update Your Profile.

c.    Click on My Members Page tab at top.

d.    Login with your email and password in Returning Users and Members.

e.    Go down to the box labeled My Orders/Registrations.

f.     Click PRINT YOUR QUICK CHECK FOR THIS EVENT which appears underneath the specific event for which you have registered.

g.    Print the page.


5.    NOTE: Currently, since the bar code is unique to you, multiple registrations under your login are not possible at this time. Either the other people in your party and you go through the regular check-in process or your guests need to sign up independently. Phase Two may provide a way for you to pay for your guests—baby steps.




1.    If you have signed up online and have your bar code, go directly to Quick Check line.

2.    We will scan your barcode, take a moment to verify, and direct you to pick up your own nametag.

3.    Then…on to networking!