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 Free Grant Money for Electric Vehicle Charging In HOAs


For the past year Todd Ritter of AST/Dalfonso EvStructure Co. has been working diligently behind the scenes lobbying at state levels for  grant funding to help off-set the costs of HOA/ MUD common area infrastructure for electric vehicle charging station infrastructures for HOA properties . As the latest on SB-880 has been signed in by Governor Brown on February 29, 2012  A EV readiness plan is a reality. Todd and his grant team has come through at the last hour of the application process .Your properties can take advantage of this newly found grant money, but only with your signed letter of interest (LOI) that is attached. The grant application deadline is March 14th 2012 by close of business.


Due to the timely matter of the application deadline and BOD meeting dates , Todd Ritter has received the permission from the grant program administrator to allow the Property Manager and or On site Manager of the properties to fill out the LOI  without a BOD direct signature if they so choose to take advantage of the grant for their propety .  


This is CEC Grant

California Energy Commission grant funding to pay for Multi Unit Dwellings, workplace or fleet charging can be reviewed at link below.

HOA’s Are considered a Multi Unit Dwelling




IMPORTANT – Todd will need all interested Property Management Companies, On-site and Property Manager to get the signed letter attached back to him via email todd@astgreenteam.com no later than March 12th 2012.  At close of business … This is FIRST COME FIRST SERVE only.


Summary of Grant what the grant will pay for: HOA and Multi unit dwellings:


1.       Due into CEC date March 14, 2012

2.       CEC $$ can pay for charging station equipment and installation materials only; installation labor (under the Davis Bacon rates) must be funded from other sources

3.       Eligible to apply—charging equipment manufacturers, wholesalers or distributors.

4.       Scoring will be based on

a.       Applications that include multi-unit dwelling EVSE and a plan for coordinating multi-unit charging deployment.

b.      Cost of the charging unit (lower cost will get more points)

5.       AQMD will provide up to $2,000 per multi-family charging installation (possibly more for installations in common areas)

6.       Costs over the cost of the unit and materials and the $2000 for installation labor are the responsibility of the HOA or the resident

7.       Electricity costs, maintenance and repair will be the responsibility of the HOA or the resident

8.       Property Management companies will have a choice of networked or non networked depending on their preference


What we need from the property management companies:


1.       The attached Letter indicating interest in participating

2.       Addresses of their participating locations so that we can check with cities that there are no CEQA requirements

3.       How many units under their control

4.       Any existing PEV drivers in their units

5.       Any projections of Electric vehicles in demand at a particular property


Download Sample Letter Below Under Quick Tools.


For Any Question please email Todd Ritter at  todd@astgreenteam.com