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Dear Board Members & Managers:

The purpose of this letter is to ask for your support during a crucial time for the community association industry.

The California Legislative Action Committee (“CLAC”) is our voice in Sacramento.  As CLAC’s liaison for the Los Angeles Chapter of CAI, it is my duty to see that CLAC receives the financial support necessary to carry our voice to Sacramento.  Without a voice in Sacramento, new laws will continue to micro-manage communities and strip associations of their ability to efficiently and affordably operate and manage their communities.

I ask that you contribute $1.00 or more per door in your community or in your clients’ communities to support CLAC and our voice in Sacramento.  Your financial support is more important now than any other time this year; the Los Angeles Chapter is projected to have a $5,000 financial shortfall in the contributions it has obligated to CLAC.

Your financial support to CLAC will help to educate legislators about the pitfalls of such legislation and otherwise see that our communities are represented to the fullest extent possible.

Once again, I ask that you support a worthy cause and contribute $1.00 or more per door in your community by completing and returning the enclosed form below.  I also ask that you include in your 2012 budget a line item for this worthy cause.


In the meantime, please contact me should you have any questions or need any further information.


Very truly yours,