Top 10 Ways To Motivate Your Community

As I was walking my dogs, I noticed how dark it was. I was using a flashlight to make sure I didn’t trip and fall on the uneven pavement. It made me think about Daylight Savings Time and that in a couple of weeks it will get dark even earlier for those of us traveling home after work. As boards performing their due diligence, have we adjusted the lighting in our garages, carports, hallways, or other common areas to anticipate this time change and better accommodate our residents? We cannot ensure their safety, but we can take every precaution to avoid an unfortunate accident. A simple walkthrough in the early morning or evening may take only a few minutes and reveal bulbs that need to be replaced, sensors that are not working, automatic light settings that need to be adjusted for the season or additional lighting in certain areas that may be warranted. Even try taking a different path to your door one day and see if it reveals any lighting weaknesses. It’s all about being a good board member and neighbor.